Monday, March 28, 2011

Nespresso Pixie

Just picked up a Nespresso Pixie on Saturday. After searching for an espresso machine for two weeks and reading everything I could find on-line, it seemed like I would have to spend $400 for a machine, $200-400 for a grinder, and $50+ on additional accessories (tamper, etc.) and then another several weeks experimenting to find the right grind size, temperature, tamp pressure, etc. in order to make reasonable espresso.

Then I stumbled across this little wonder at $250 (plus a $50 off coupon on coffee, from Williams-Sonoma). It's brilliant! I had reservations that it wouldn't feel like "true espresso," but after three days of using it, I'm already sold. It's just so simple, practical, small (in countertop size) and easy to clean and maintain. And the espresso is reliably yummy.

Since buying it I've come across numerous stories of people going from a full semi-automatic set-up to the simpler Nespresso way. Someday I may still go for a Gaggia Classic (the semi-automatic machine I had set my mind to, prior to coming across the Pixie), just to learn the trade of pulling espresso shots and being able to select my own beans. But for the time being, this little wonder is doing just fine. Apparently, all Nespressos make drinks of the same quality, so my only thought now is whether to trade it in for a cheaper model like the D90 (which is $149).

Photo source: Williams-Sonoma

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