Monday, March 28, 2011

The Situation in Japan

The recent disaster in Japan has taken a toll on the Japanese people in a variety of ways. Here's one recent example, which doesn't seem to have been taken up by the western press.

A vegetable farmer in Fukushima who had meticulously grown organic cabbages for thirty years committed suicide after a ban on spinach and a limitation on cabbage was extended by the Japanese government. His son reported that he repeatedly uttered "This is it for Fukushima vegetables..." before his death. The farmer had devoted his life to growing safe and healthy cabbages and supplied them for a local school, taking great pride in their high quality and method of cultivation.

Asahi news reported that although the farmer's house and barn had been damaged by the earthquake, 7500 stalks of cabbage remained safe. His daughter told reporters, "All the farmers are anxious. I don't want there to be another victim like my father."

Original article in the Asahi newspaper (Japanese language)

Not very good English translation of the Japanese article (by Google Translate)

Picture: Asahi Shimbun

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